We help to exclude counterfeit production


  1. History of goods moving through supply chain
  2. Online all supply chains historical data 
  3. Transparency of working with mediators
  4. Control of logistics and warehouse keeping conditions


  1. Transparency for consumers
  2. Confirmation of goods origin 
  3. Full information about logistics and warehouse keeping conditions along all supply chain stages


  1. Confidence in goods origin
  2. Elimination of risks of acquiring counterfeit products
  3. Full information about logistics and warehouse keeping conditions along all the supply chain stages
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What is Spich?

Decentralized platform which helps to track original goods through all transactions on the way from producer to consumer.

We offer active protection against counterfeits. In case passive protection (holographic stickers etc.) is not enough — choose Spich.

Historical data cannot be modified because each participant could have its own database copy (node).

Схема участников цепи поставки. База доступна всем участникам

A Token is an encrypted container.

Each supply chain participant could read token and write new data in it but couldn’t change existing data.

All product data are stored as a token

Database is decentralized — has no common center. 

Each participant could see full information about product in any time.

Goods movement process along A → B route is completely transparent to all participants of the supply chain

Participants makes marks in each point of a route: was shipped, was accepted, by whom it was received, etc.

Each state is added to goods history — registers in a token.

Each product state through all supply chain stages is registered registers into token

You always know where the product is and who is responsible for it.

Problem: counterfeit production is permanently increasing

Because of a counterfeit in the world 220 000 jobs are lost.

From them 100 000 in the EU

There is no reliable information about quantity of the jobs lost because of a counterfeit in the Russian Federation.

For the last 3 years of 50% of the enterprises of France have faced a counterfeit.

Import of counterfeit goods increases
In the European Union 13% of a counterfeit are the share of import
In the Russian Federation — 50%

Counterfeit cigarettes
Import of counterfeit cigarettes to the EU has increased by 35% in 2014-2015. It in 50 times more, than for all previous time.


of world import are a counterfeit

Counterfeit sources in Europe
Individual orders by mail, 63%
Air transport, 21%
Marine transport, 8%
Motor transport, 7%

Practice in Russia
Since the beginning of 2016 the Federal Customs Service has begun to check the goods imported by mail as it becomes, for example, in other countries of EEC.

According to AKIT, aug 2016.

× 1120

€70 billions ≈ 1120 Falcon-9 starts

The market of counterfeit spare parts in EEC is estimated at €36 000 000 000. By 2020 officials predicts increasing in this figure up to €70 billions.

helps business

Expose unfair mediators’ due to transparency of blockchain technology

Check mediator’s quality and operating speed

Use smart-contracts (reduce paper document flow)

Integrate IoT-devices and receive information about logistics and warehouse keeping conditions through all supply chain stages

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Пётр Можаев

Высшее образование.

Магистр техники и технологии, EMBA, Высшая Школа Менеджмента СПбГУ.

Опыт работы в области информационных технологий более 15 лет.

Полная биография Петра
Пётр Можаев

Petr Mozhaev


Дмитрий Шагров

Высшее образование.

Московский государственный университет экономики, статистики и информатики.

Опыт работы — 6 лет.

Полная биография Дмитрия
Пётр Можаев

Dmitry Shagrov


Максим Степанов

Высшее образование.

Санкт-Петербургский государственный политехнический университет

Опыт работы — 4 года.

Полная биография Максима
Пётр Можаев

Maxim Stepanov



Blockchain is a continuously growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked and secured using cryptography.
Read Wikipedia

Hyperlager is an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. It is a global collaboration, hosted by The Linux Foundation, including leaders in finance, banking, Internet of Things, supply chains, manufacturing and Technology.

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Telegram bot

Spich platform application. Add bot in your Telegram messenger and sing in by phone number.

Select role:

  1. Producer. Creates tokens, moves tokens to mediators and retailers.
  2. Mediator. Receives tokens, moves tokens to mediators and retailers.
  3. Retailer. Receives tokens, sell tokens to customer.

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Try working with platform by using Telegram bot together: one sign in as Producer, another one — Mediator or Retailer.

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